PitchDeck gets founders
investment-ready. faster,
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Our service is about more than just the final document, it’s about all the parts of the process that go into making that pitch successful. We guide New Zealand businesses through their early capital raises, helping them deliver a winning pitch with confidence.

workshops & coaching

An effective pitch is an essential tool for raising capital. It’s the investor’s window into your business as they make their funding decision. The right pitch will drum up interest, create competitive tension and ensure a better outcome that optimises the intrinsic value of your business. We will help you get it right.

Pitch Deck Rapid Review (Call)

Do you have an existing pitch deck? We’ll do a quick review and suggest improvements over a short phone call. You’ll receive valuable insights through the lens of an investor, and you’ll end the call with some clear action points to work on.

QuickStart Pitch Programme

This service will enhance an investor’s understanding of your business' value. It starts with an intensive, deep dive session. We can then develop a bespoke framework, challenge and improve your storytelling, and get you framing up your pitch in just one week.

Value Maximisation Programme

Our proven methodology ensures you are investor-ready and in a position to maximise your capital raise. We’ll guide you through best practice for pitching with in-depth workshops, story and messaging development, as well as presentation reviews. We conclude with a practice pitch and Q&A session.

We provide the tools and techniques required to excel when pitching your business. As your guide through raising growth capital, we’ll help you frame up your unique investment story, create a quality pitch deck, and get you ready to pitch to a room of astute investors.  

We speak the language of investors, and through a proven track record of raising capital we give founders and business owners greater confidence during the capital raise process. You’ll know the key talking points, how to deliver your pitch with confidence and have slides and infographics that anticipate the hard questions from investors.

present your business in the best light

We show you how to speak the language of investors. By reverse engineering the funding process, your messaging and pitch deck will resonate. You will present only the information investors require and articulate your story in a way that brings them closer. This can make all the difference when raising capital.

What makes your business stand out?

Investors want to understand your business’s deeper purpose – your ‘why’. When they understand your mission and vision, they gain confidence in the true driving force and impact behind your business.

What information do potential investors need?

Top investors assess multiple pitch decks in a day, so, for them, it’s all about speed of understanding. We make sure your slides stand out as powerful and concise, presenting rich and complex information in a way that is easy to digest.

How should you present?

If your pitch deck is the hardware, your presentation skills are the software. We’re here to help you nail your delivery.

Look the part

Ready to present? We work with a range of designers to help take your pitch deck to the next level. From facts and figures to selling the story, we can also help you create a pitch that’s professional and easy for investors to understand.

Attract the best investors for your business

Talk to us about positioning your business to attract the best funding.